Writing Portfolio

Hi! I’m Amy. I’m a content writer and a blog manager specializing in family lifestyle topics, like family, parenting, education, and pets.

As a blog manager, I take over blogs by creating a content strategy, a calendar of relevant topics, and writing and posting optimized blog posts for clients. As a content writer, I write buying guides, web copy, product descriptions, landing pages, and other copy to help my clients sell their services and products.

I ghostwrite most of my writing work for bloggers, businesses, and entrepreneurs. Therefore, I’m unable to use them in my portfolio. However, I do have some samples I’m able to share privately upon request.

Some of the amazing clients I’ve worked with include BabySparks, Resources For Educators, Niche, HerePup, Wag! Walking, and Accessibility.com.

Below are bylines and other pieces of content I’m able to share:

Family, Kids, and Parenting

Moon and Back: 101 Fun Activities to Do with Kids at Home

Reader’s Digest: 7 Times It’s OK to Encourage Your Child to Quit

Savings.com: Life Hacks for Busy Moms and Dads

The Old Schoolhouse: Monitoring Social Media Usage Without Breaking Trust (PDF)

The Healthy: Things Not to Say to Special Needs Parents

The Healthy: How to Prevent Summer Weight Gain in Children

The Healthy: Medical Reasons Your Child Could Be Overweight

The Healthy: Silent Signs of Anxiety in Children

Today Parenting Community: What I’ve Learned from Being the Mom of a Cochlear Implant Kid

Amy Boyington.com: The Real Effects of Negative Thinking and Language on Kids

Amy Boyington.com: How to Improve the Reading Skills of Children Who Don’t Love to Read

Amy Boyington.com: How to Be Your Child’s Advocate


Accessibility.com: Remote Learning Accessibility for Students Who Are Deaf/Hard of Hearing

Accessibility.com: 5 Ways Schools Can Meet an IEP’s Requirements through Distance Learning

Best College Reviews: Getting a Degree in Special Education

Niche: Is an Online K-12 School Right for Your Child?

Online MBA: 10 Best Study and Productivity Apps for MBA Students

Online MBA: 10 Best States for MBA Graduates

Online MBA: 10 Reasons to Major in Business

OnlineU: Best Phlebotomy Certificates Online

Amy Boyington.com: How to Prevent the Summer Slide

Amy Boyington.com: The Future of Standardized Testing: De-Stressing Students and Teachers Through New Approaches

Amy Boyington.com: The One Question I Wished All My Preschoolers’ Parents Would’ve Asked Me During Pickup

Health, Wellness, Food, & Lifestyle

Best Counseling Degrees: Best Meditation and Relaxation Techniques to Reduce Stress

Birds & Blooms: 8 Mosquito-Repelling Plants You Need in Your Backyard ASAP

Everything Clever: 35 Problem-Solving Products I Love

Health Digest: 8 Foods To Eat And 8 To Avoid When You Have Hypothyroidism

Health Digest: Things About Your Mom’s Health You Should Probably Know

MSN: 17 Autism Myths Doctors Wish You’d Stop Believing

Savings.com: Everything You Need to Stay Organized and Prepared for Tax Season

The Healthy: Home Health Care Options for Aging Parents

The Healthy: Fad Diets and Why They Don’t Work

The Healthy: Mosquito-Borne Diseases You Should Know About

The Healthy: Life Skills That Are Key to Health, Wealth, and Success

Freelancing, Business, and Career

Reader’s Digest: Yes! Introverts Can Be Leaders at Work

LinkedIn: Three Types of Written Content Your Family-Focused Business Needs to Increase Engagement

Amendo: From Full-Time to Freelance: How I Became My Own Boss

Frugal For Less: How to Make Money on Instagram with 1,000 Followers or Less (PDF)

Frugal For Less: ShopStyle Collective Review (PDF)

Software Pundit: How to Land Freelance Retainer Projects (and Set Them Up for Success)

Software Pundit: Succeeding as an Introverted Freelancer: How to Use Your Personality to Your Advantage

Software Pundit: 5 Steps Toward Creating a Productive Routine When You Work from Home

Amy Boyington.com: Building a Freelancer Profile: 5 Steps to Making a Killer Impact

Amy Boyington.com: Remote Jobs for Moms Series

Amy Boyington.com: 5 Signs You Need to Outsource Blog Writing and How to Do It

Amy Boyington.com: 7 Benefits of a Blog for Business