Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Kids

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Valentine’s Day is one of the holidays I don’t go crazy with. Not with my significant other or my kids. But I do like getting my kids a few small gifts as a special way to say “I love you.” I usually get them the usual – candy, a card, and a stuffed animal – but I always pick out something small that’s personalized for them too.

This may be a holiday that’s meant for spouses, engaged couples, and people in relationships, but I know other parents like myself who place the focus more on their kids. Especially single parents who still want to celebrate the holiday. There’s no better Valentine, in my opinion, than the little ones!

But V-Day is tricky when it comes to gifts for kids because it’s so centered on couples. If you don’t want to leave the kids out of the V-Day loop, then check out the list below for some adorable (and even gross, if your kids like that sort of thing) Valentine’s Day gifts for kids.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids

Valentine's Day Gifts for Kids
1. Inspired Hearts Legging and Cardigan Set / 2. Personalized Door Sign / 3. Sterling Silver “Daddy’s Little Girl” Locket / 4. Tote Decorating Kit / 5. Best Daughter Ever Sketchbook / 6. Sweetlings Frost-A-Friend / 7. Personalized T-Shirt  / 8. Scientific Explorer Disgusting Anatomy Heart / 9. Melissa & Doug Wooden Bead Kit / 10. You Are Amazing Screen Printed Glass Art / 11. GUND Batman Teddy Bear / 12. Superhero Coloring Book Assortment

How cute are some of these Valentine’s Day gifts for kids? I especially love the “You Are Amazing” sign that could work for a boy or girl’s bedroom to remind them every day of how awesome they are.

If your budget is tight, you can always make a card and write how you feel about your kiddo. It will mean more than any gift you could possibly give. Or, get crafty and have a fun day of making Valentine’s Day crafts together!

Do you usually get your kids gifts for Valentine’s Day, or do you keep the holiday strictly as something special for you and your significant other? What else would you add to this list of Valentine’s Day gifts for kids? Let me know in a comment below!

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