The Best Jobs for Introvert Moms

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If you’re like me, you’re a shy mom. You prefer to be in the company of…well…yourself.

The best jobs for introverted moms to still succeed.

And that’s okay.

There is nothing wrong with you. But it can make finding a job a little more difficult. Even a work at home job. You would think working from home would be easy even if you’re shy. But, if you comb through all the work at home job listings on the web, you’ll find a ton of customer service jobs. What do these jobs require? Speaking to people, day in and day out.

Oh, the horror!

But don’t worry. I know your struggle. I’ve been there. I wanted to work from home, but customer service did not at all appeal to me. I’d rather pluck all of my eyebrow hairs out than speak with people all day long, even if it’s behind a phone or computer screen.

So, I compiled a list of awesome jobs for introverts to do from home. These are even entry level jobs introverts can begin¬†from the comfort of their own home office. I’m living proof as a freelance writer that you do not have to have people skills or enjoy talking to people to be a successful work from home mom.


Freelance Writer or Blogger

Obviously, I have to include freelance writer on the list since it’s my work from home career choice. This work from home job is one of the most flexible and best careers introverts can begin. Yes, you contact clients regularly for pitches, submissions and job details. But, your exchanges are typically limited to e-mail and Skype conversations.

As a freelance writer, you are your own boss. If you have good writing techniques, mad organization skills, and can adhere to deadlines, you can be successful in freelance writing. Remember to have your own blog before you begin so you can have an online portfolio and live samples of your writing. Although you can earn money solely from posting on your own blog, it’s easier to earn a living by selling your writing services to others, either through freelance writing, e-books, or e-courses.


Transcribing pieces of audio usually does not required you to speak to others at all. This is a very flexible work from home job that often lets you pick the times and hours you want to work for the day or week. It does take some practice getting used to, but if you are a fast typist, you can probably succeed in this career choice.

Transcribing is typically a part time job introverts can do for some side income. Unless you sign up for several transcription sites and spend hours transcribing every day, it can be difficult to make a living from transcribing. However, stay at home moms might find this to be a good opportunity to earn some extra cash when the kids are in school or baby sleeps.

Child Caregiver

One of the best careers introverts can choose to do from home is a child caregiver. You are already a mom, right? Why not add a few kids to your home each day and make some money from it. You can decide your rates and how many kids to care for (although, make sure you check your state’s regulations first!).

The only people you’ll have to worry about talking to are the kids (which is super fun!) and their parents (you might even want to enlist your friends to make this part even easier!).

Dog Walker/Sitter

Don’t like people? Try dog walking or dog sitting! New dog-sitting companies are popping up on the web. You can register to be a dog-sitter for people who are going on vacation or will be out of town for the week. This provides people with an alternative to kenneling their dogs and you get to have fun with some new furry friends.

Dog sitting and dog walking are typically part time jobs introverts can do from home but they allow for great flexibility. You can choose the days you’re available and the prices you want to charge.

House Cleaner

Most people who clean houses do so when a person or family is out of the home, therefore making house cleaning one of the best careers introverts can begin. You can offer to clean the homes of your friends and family and have them put in a good word for you to their friends and family. This makes your business grow with you having to do all the work to get your name out there!


If you have a knack for photography, you can actually earn decent money for selling your photos. Depending on the type of photography you enjoy, you won’t ever have to deal with awkward customer conversations. Try nature, food, or stock image photography. Then search for websites or publications that will pay you for your work!


Check out some of these jobs for introverts and let me know what you think! Connect with me on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram and keep the conversation rolling!

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