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Stitch Fix Review: A Busy Mom’s Perfect Way to Shop?

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I hate clothes shopping, guys. I find it more frustrating than enjoyable to sift through racks, try to find my size, head to the waiting room to try on clothes, and figure out what I like and don’t like. It’s time-consuming. For a busy mom on a time crunch, clothes shopping is honestly a hassle.

Thanks to the wonderful World Wide Web, we now have on-demand clothes shopping. I’ve loved the idea of it for a long time and have been drooling over Stitch Fix, in particular, whenever I see their ads pop up in my feeds. The company advertises such adorable clothes that I would feel comfortable and trendy in, which is important to me. I don’t want to look like a shlub, but I will never wear something that’s not cozy.

A few months ago, I finally gave in and signed up for Stitch Fix. I never do anything for myself, so this was kind of a reminder to myself that I deserve something nice once in a while, too. I did a ton of research first and found out that Stitch Fix didn’t charge a monthly fee like other companies. You can simply ask for a “Fix” when you wanted one. So, it seemed like it would be a good company to try and if I didn’t like it, I wasn’t really losing anything.

I’ve now had two fixes, so I know how Stitch Fix works and the kind of clothing it sends. Not sure if Stitch Fix is for you? Read my Stitch Fix review below for this mama’s opinion.

*Some links in this post are affiliate links, meaning that I’ll make some money when you sign up or purchase using those links. This is at NO extra cost to you!

Photo by Lauren Fleischmann on Unsplash

What is Stitch Fix?

Stitch Fix started in 2011 as one of the first companies of its kind. It’s an online styling company that sends you clothing according to your personal style tastes. Seriously – you get to tell your stylist exactly what you love and hate, need and don’t need. You can even give them links to your Pinterest fashion boards so they can get a sense of your style.

The company then sends clothing to your home that you’re welcome to feel and try on before deciding to buy it. You’ll get billed for what you keep and can return the rest for no cost.

The thing that’s great about Stitch Fix is that the company tailors each shipment to you. Stitch Fix uses personal stylists to curate each box for each member. You can choose to use that same stylist every time you order a Fix, or pick a different one who might be a better fit.

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How Stitch Fix Works

Every member has the option to have automatic deliveries on the day they choose each month or use an on-demand service. With automatic delivery, you get clothes sent every month. On-demand service allows you to choose when you need a new Fix, like before an upcoming business meeting or baby shower.

Every time you get a Fix, Stitch Fix bills you $20. This is known as a styling fee. The styling fee is basically a payment for your personal stylist to come up with some gorgeous finds for you.

You can keep or send back anything that comes your way. When you keep any item(s), Stitch Fix applies your $20 styling fee to the price of those items. If you send everything back, Stitch Fix keeps the styling fee but you won’t pay for any items.

So, say you kept a top and boots that total $87. You’ll pay $20 upfront for your styling fee. When Stitch Fix receives all your returned items, it will charge you $67 ($87 total – $20 styling fee) to the billing method you stored in your account.

I signed up for the on-demand plan because I don’t see myself buying clothes every month. I like to boost my wardrobe every few months instead. The two Fixes I got were about two months apart. I like that I can sign in whenever I want to schedule a Fix without needing to remember to skip a month.

Stitch Fix Review: My Fixes

Now, onto the good stuff! These are photos from my actual Fixes to show you the kind of stuff Stitch Fix sends. For reference, I filled out my whole profile, explained my style as similar to that of Joanna Gaines, and sent a link to my fashion board on Pinterest to help out my stylist.

Fix #1

My first Fix was so DEAD ON with my style. I was honestly impressed. In this Fix, I got a pair of boots, a dress, and three tops. I loved everything and felt like my stylist nailed my style.

What I didn’t love were the prices. Ouch. I am a budget shopper. I don’t buy tops for more than $20 unless they’re for a special occasion. And I stick to shoes under $30. Nothing in this Fix was under $38 (two tops were at that price). The boots were $70, another top was $58, and the other top was $46. Total = $270, for FIVE items. No way. Not for this budget-conscious mama.

Let me say that you do get a 25% discount if you buy everything. So this Fix would have been $202.50 (and then another $20 off with my styling fee) total. That’s still way too much for me to spend on clothing. But I don’t want to make this Stitch Fix review all about the cost because getting the style right is equally as important. And in my case, my stylist had my style locked down.

The Clothes

Not a keeper: I LOVE this hoodie (it’s lightweight and perfect for a workout/casual wear) but I actually own one very similar to it already! Just goes to show that my stylist was right on the money.

Keeper: I adore this cowl neck shirt with its brown elbow patches. It’s so cozy and warm without being heavy. Despite being one of the pricier items in this Fix, I splurged and kept it!

Not a keeper: Geeeez, how I wish these boots were more affordable for my budget. With the prices in this Fix, I told myself I’d only keep two things. Unfortunately, the boots were out after I chose two tops over them. But these are seriously adorable and I love everything about them.

Not a keeper: This dress is cute and not form-fitting, which I love, but I just didn’t love the way it looked on me. I think it would look adorable over leggings or by itself with some cute boots, though!

Keeper: I fell in love with this plaid button-up the moment I saw it. It’s definitely the Joanna style I love and the material is to die for – so comfortable!

And here’s myself in that plaid top! It’s become one of my favorite wardrobe pieces.

Fix #2

My second Fix wasn’t quite as amazing as my first one, but I still liked most of the stuff. I’m wondering if I should have again included my Pinterest board link just as a reminder to my stylist, since I’m sure they style tons of people at a time. I had the same stylist as my first Fix, upon my request, and she still did a great job. One thing I love is that she listened to my budget concerns that I left a note about! Nothing in this Fix was more than $48.

In this Fix, I received a pair of shorts (which I forgot to photograph – they were way too big on me so I didn’t keep them, but very cute), three tops, and a pair of sandals.

The Clothes

Keeper: From the front, this top is kind of plain-Jane, but I love that the back has this gorgeous floral pattern. It’s really flowy and perfect for dressing up or down.

Keeper: From the little red trim pieces to the silver buttons on the back, I adore the details on this shirt. It’s different than what I own, and I’m wanting to break out of my style comfort zone, so I kept this one.

Not a keeper: This shirt threw me off, honestly. It looks like something my daughter would’ve worn when she was in elementary school. I love kids, but I don’t want to dress like one!

Not a keeper: Eeeek, these sandals! Love them! The color, the fit, everything was perfect. I just preferred to keep my two picks for tops over these simply because I’d get more use out of them.

Leave a comment below – what item(s) from my Fixes did you love the most?

Stitch Fix FAQs

I had so many questions about Stitch Fix when I started considering it as an option for me, so I really did my research on this company before using it myself. Here are some of the questions I had and the answers I’ve found along the way:

Will Stitch Fix Exchange Sizes?

Yes! I haven’t personally exchanged anything although there were a couple of items that were too big for me. Instead, I just sent them back because they weren’t things I wanted to keep anyway. But Stitch Fix says that you can choose to exchange items for different sizes during the checkout process. You can also do this if something in your Fix arrives damaged.

Are Stitch Fix Clothes Overpriced?

Not necessarily – I just don’t have the budget for a lot of them! Like I said, I’m a budget shopper. It’s my personal preference to buy clothing that’s on sale or priced at what I consider to be an affordable price. Stitch Fix does send some pricey items, but that doesn’t mean they’re overpriced. The clothes I’ve kept are amazing quality and so comfortable, so I definitely wouldn’t consider them priced incorrectly. They’re just out of my budget for regular clothes shopping.

Do I Have to Pay Monthly?

No, you don’t have to. I mentioned above that you can choose on-demand shopping with Stitch Fix. It’s what I do. Log in whenever you want a new Fix sent and your stylist will get to work. You’ll pay the $20 styling fee when you schedule your Fix. No monthly payments to commit to!

Do the Stylists Know What They’re Doing?

Mine does! Holy cow, she’s amazing. Out of my two fixes, there was only one top I didn’t like. Everything else was perfect for my style and it’s clear that she listened to everything I noted in my profile, right down to my Joanna Gaines obsession 🙂 The great thing is that if your stylist does an awesome job, you can request the same one again. If you don’t think your stylist nailed your style, you can always request another one.

Can You Cancel Stitch Fix?

If you’re on auto-delivery, you can switch your account to start getting on-demand deliveries. You can also skip or pause deliveries whenever you want to. And, you can even cancel your account online if you decide Stitch Fix isn’t for you. The company’s ease of doing business with them is what finally triggered me to try it in the first place!

My Thoughts: Is Stitch Fix Worth It?

In my opinion, YES. Stitch Fix is 100% worth a try. I’m sure it won’t be for everyone. Really eclectic styles may not be able to get what they want here. And people who are never willing to splurge a little on clothing will probably find the pieces out of budget. But really, it’s worth a try. The most you’ll lose for trying out Stitch Fix is $20 for the styling fee, and that’s only if you don’t keep anything in a Fix.

I actually tried Stitch Fix not expecting to love it as much as I did. I figured, “What the heck. I’ll try it once and see how they do.” My stylist nailed my taste, even on the very first Fix. I liked getting pieces I wouldn’t normally pick out in the store. Plus, I’m able to try on stuff at home when I have time and use my own mirror to see how pieces look on me.

I’m looking forward to my next Fix, which I’ll probably schedule near the holidays. That way, I can grab a couple of pieces I love to stick under the tree from “Santa.” Hopefully, he delivers me some adorable winter boots!

Are you ready to join Stitch Fix?

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Have you tried Stitch Fix? I’d love to hear how it worked for you! Leave me a comment below and tell me what you loved, hated, etc. 

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