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This Blogger Nailed Every Mom’s Thoughts on Parenting

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I am, quite possibly, Ed Sheeran’s biggest fan. I was one of those people who stalked Google Play the day his two newest singles, “Shape of You” and “Castle on the Hill” were set to release. I’m not ashamed.

I listened to “Shape of You” non-stop until the rest of his album released. Then I had a whole new slew of songs to enjoy, but that one was still one of my favorites.

And then, I came across this blogger who made a totally hilarious parody of “Shape of You” that all mommies can surely relate to. I mean, no one likes the smell of their baby’s poo, no matter how adorable their baby is, right?

Shape of You parody

Image courtesy of Tired ‘N Tested TV

When “Shape of You” Turns to Poo

Sophie McCartney over at Tired ‘N Tested has created the version of “Shape of You” that all butt wipers dream of. And it’s seriously hilarious. See for yourself:

I’ve watched it at least ten times in a row now and I’m still laughing. It’s real, it’s honest, and I love her as a mom.

Sorry, Ed Sheeran, but this one’s a bit more relatable for me. I mean, my days of going to the club and falling in love with someone’s body are way past over.

Like, 12 years over.

I’ve moved onto bigger and better things since then, like wiping butts, obviously. Now that my kids are both past this stage, I’ve been promoted to chauffer, homework helper, and referee.

So, as much as I still love the original, this one definitely sums up the life of a mom in a nutshell.

Head over to Sophie’s blog, Tired ‘N Tested, for some more doses of reality and hilarity. You can also subscribe to her YouTube channel. Leave a comment below and let me know your favorite part of this video.

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