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Why You Should Try This Popular App That Helps Busy Moms Make Friends

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Peanut App Review: How an App Can Help You Make Mom Friends

With the many hats that moms wear, it’s nearly impossible for us to find time for friends. In fact, it can be a challenge just making friends as a mom! But the folks at Peanut – an app designed to bring moms together in friendship – are trying to bridge the gap. Peanut app recognizes the importance of mom friends, which is why it gives moms in all stages of parenthood a way to easily connect with other moms in their area. I’ve been using Peanut for a few weeks now, so this review should help you decide if it’s something you want to try.

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What is the Peanut app?

The Peanut app is an app that helps moms make friends. You can swipe through the app to find other moms in your area whom you want to connect with. Yes, it sounds kind of like a mom dating app. A Tinder for moms, if you will. But it’s not, although there is swiping involved. But it’s solely there for moms to find other mom friends. Because we all know that it’s hard to find friends in our normal, every day lives.

In essence, the Peanut mom app is like a social networking app for moms. You can use it like you would Facebook, connecting with moms, joining groups, and adding in your two cents to discussions about parenthood.

Who is the Peanut app for?

Women use it for all sorts of reasons, whether it’s finding other moms for kid playdates or networking with other moms who’ve started businesses. It might also be one of the most helpful apps for stay at home moms who don’t get to meet other moms very easily. Whatever your reason for wanting to find mom friends, your reason is valid on Peanut.

Peanut app review: pros and cons


  • Easy to locate moms in your area
  • Groups help bring moms together
  • Easy to use
  • Incognito mode for privacy
  • Free


  • Smaller areas may not have a lot of members
  • Not much protection against bullying

How does the Peanut app for moms work?

I downloaded Peanut app myself so I could test it out and see what it’s like. As a single mom of two and someone who works from home, I rarely am able to meet new moms out and about. Peanut sounded like the perfect solution for me to find other moms in my small town.

The first step is setting up your account. Peanut will help tailor the app to your preferences by asking you a few questions about your interests and goals for the app. For example, you can indicate if you’re trying to conceive or have an interest in parenting a child with special needs. You can change these preferences in your profile.

Once you create an account, you can immediately start looking for other moms. Unlike other apps that require you to swipe through profiles, you’ll swipe up if you want to “wave” at another mom and down if you want to skip the wave. A wave on Peanut is basically just a way to say “Hi” and potentially connect.

You can also use the chat feature to talk to the women you’ve connected with. Or, head to the community to look at your feed. This is where Peanut shows you posts from your connections and groups. Use this area to search for groups, topics, or answers to parenting-related questions.

Peanut app FAQs

I had a lot of questions about this app before I started using it, so I imagine other moms do, too. Here are some of the questions that I was able to answer for myself once I downloaded Peanut.

Is the Peanut app safe?

Peanut is just about as safe as any social networking platform. In other words, it’s safe if you’re careful about the information you put on it. As a mom, I don’t like to divulge too much about my personal life or kids on other social media channels, and I’m the same way with Peanut. Be mindful that it is a public platform, so anyone can potentially see what you post to it.

Is Peanut app free?

Yes, Peanut is 100% free to download and use.

How much does Peanut app cost?

Nada. Zip. Zero. Zilch. It’s free!

How does Peanut app make money?

As of now, Peanut doesn’t make money through its app. There are no ads on the Peanut app to make money from. However, some reports have said that Peanut plans to eventually monetize its product in the future, possibly through a freemium app with some optional paid features.

You can also head to the Peanut website to shop some products for you and baby. Click the Shop link at the top of the site to find hats, shirts, tote bags, onesies, and other goodies to show off your love of Peanut.

What are Peanut groups?

Groups on Peanut are similar to those on Facebook or online message boards. You can join groups that fit your interests to find other like-minded moms. There are groups for geographic locations, parenthood stages (pregnancy, trying to conceive, moms of teens, etc.), and all kinds of interests, like groups for active moms, outdoorsy moms, and stay at home moms. Groups can be helpful for finding other moms that share your interests.

What’s in the Peanut feed?

In your feed, you’ll find posts from your friends, posts from your groups, and topics from others on Peanut. As you join groups and add friends, your feed will continue to populate with posts from them. The screenshot below shows my feed. As you can see, some posts come from Peanut itself to keep everyone in the loop about app news, parenthood news, etc.

How do you undo a wave on Peanut?

Once you “wave” at someone on Peanut, a little box pops up asking if you’d like to undo it. Just click “undo” if you’ve accidentally waved to someone.

How does waving work on Peanut? A wave is basically saying “Hi” to someone on the app and letting them know you’re interested in connecting. The other person doesn’t see who waved until you both wave to each other. To wave, swipe up on a picture. To pass, swipe down.

Is Peanut available for iPhone and Android?

Yes, Peanut is available for iPhone and Android devices.

What do other Peanut app reviews say?

I checked out some other reviews of Peanut, too, just to see what other moms thought of the app. As I expected, lots of moms love it and others could take it or leave it. The ones who were indifferent about Peanut seemed discouraged about not finding connections on the app. I’ve used Peanut for a few weeks now and have had a similar experience not finding good connections, but I’m 99% sure it’s because I live in a very rural area. There just isn’t anyone near me on there that I’ve been able to find. Most women are at least 45 minutes or so from me.

If you live in a city/metro area, I suspect that you’ll have much better luck finding other moms in your area on Peanut. From what I’ve read from other mom Peanut users who find lots of mom friends on Peanut, they do seem to be from larger areas.

I also have seen some women talk about bullying happening on Peanut. This is something I see all the time on other social media platforms, unfortunately, but I have yet to see it on Peanut. It may depend on the groups you’re in, but so far, my groups have been welcoming and friendly.

How to download Peanut app

Peanut app is available for Android and iOS devices. You can find the links to download Peanut app Android and iPhone versions on the Peanut website.

Peanut app review: Is it worth it?

Peanut is still growing, so it’s certainly not as well-known as other social media platforms. It could be difficult for moms like me in rural areas to find other moms using it. With that said, Peanut could be super helpful for moms in populated areas to find other moms who want to hang out or get the kids together. Although I haven’t made any true “mom friends” on Peanut yet, I still enjoy it as a social media platform for moms. It’s one I like to use to get away from regular social media for a while and chat with other women who are in a similar boat as I am.

Ready to try Peanut app? Click here to download Peanut to your device.

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