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This Is What I Absolutely Love About KiwiCo Subscription Boxes for Kids

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KiwiCo Reviews from a Real Mom (and Her Kids!)

I am all about trying new things with my kids. I love looking for activities that blend learning with fun. Over the past few years, I’d heard about KiwiCo and read tons of KiwiCo reviews raving about how amazing these subscription boxes were. I finally decided to try it for my daughter, purchasing a Maker Crate subscription as one of her Christmas gifts last year. I had high expectations for KiwiCo, especially for this box. My daughter’s a teen, and buying gifts for teens is tough! But the idea behind this Kiwi kit was perfect: make your own unique crafts that you can actually use.

Ever since she opened her first KiwiCo box and loved it, I’ve been hooked. Soon after, I ended up buying the Atlas Crate for my geography-loving son, so now they both have their own KiwiCo boxes to enjoy. We’ve now had our subscriptions for a while, so I wanted to share my thoughts and answer some common questions about KiwiCo as someone who’s experienced it first hand. Let’s dig in!

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KiwiCo explained

kiwico atlas crate

KiwiCo is a subscription box service that caters to kids of all ages, from infants to adults. The boxes include science kits, geography kits, crafting kits, and more. The company not only lets you order subscriptions for your own family, but it also lets you gift subscriptions to others. KiwiCo also offers bulk orders for schools and groups to get KiwiCo kits for students or members. KiwiCo currently ships more than 25 million crates to people in 40 countries.

How does KiwiCo work?

KiwiCo provides most subscriptions on a monthly basis, but some of them are bi-monthly. You don’t need to pay for them every month, though. You do have that option, but you can also choose to pay every 3, 6, or 12 months, with discounts on longer options. Each month, you’ll get a new box that contains items related to your box. Some are crafty, others are science-focused, while others include a variety of activities for young kiddos. The boxes are all grouped into age ranges, so you can find something that’s a perfect kit for your child’s development and interests.

What KiwiCo boxes are available?

There are currently eight Kiwi Co subscription options available. Here’s a lineup of KiwiCo’s current subscription boxes:

  • Panda Crate (0-24 months) – Hands-on learning activities and fun
  • Koala Crate (2-4 years) – Simple projects for little hands to complete
  • Kiwi Crate (5-8 years) – Science-type projects for young kids to make on their own
  • Atlas Crate (6-11 years) – Explore a new country every month
  • Doodle Crate (9-16+ years) – Creative projects for pre-teens and teens
  • Tinker Crate (9-14 years) – Hands-on STEM projects
  • Maker Crate (14+ years) – Advanced creative art and workshop projects
  • Eureka Crate (14+ years) – Science and engineering projects

How much does KiwiCo cost?

KiwiCo boxes start at just $19.95 a month and scale up to $29.95. However, when you purchase longer subscriptions, you’ll get a discounted rate. For boxes costing $19.95 monthly, you can drop costs to $15.50 a month by ordering a 12-month subscription. Boxes costing $29.95 can drop to $24.95 with a 12-month subscription. Unfortunately, the longer subscriptions require you to pay that cost upfront. So, for example, you’ll pay $186 to order a 12-month subscription of a box that’s normally $19.95 a month.

KiwiCo reviews: My honest thoughts on KiwiCo

My 16-year-old daughter has a Maker Crate subscription, and my 9-year-old son subscribes to Atlas Crate. They’re both absolutely perfect for them. My daughter loves crafty projects and my son is obsessed with geography and learning everything he can about other places. Getting a new box in the mail each month is always an exciting time.

My daughter started her subscription first, so let’s start with the Maker Crate.

kiwico maker crate

I wasn’t sure what to expect with this crate, only because I was afraid that the projects would be something my daughter could breeze through in an hour, and I wanted them to last. However, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that each project requires several hours of work to complete. In fact, after three projects came in the mail, I temporarily paused her subscription to give her a chance to catch up! (She had a lot going on at the time with school and band season in full swing). Your child can definitely take their time on these and have them last all month.

I was also pleased with the instructions and all the materials included. KiwiCo gives you everything you need to get the project done. And this Punch Needle Pillow (her first crate) came with video instructions, too, to guide her through everything. She had her phone propped up on the table as she worked to watch the video and make sure she was doing it right. I thought this was a clever inclusion.

Additionally, I found that pausing and restarting her subscription was as easy as pie, and I love having that feature available. I can log into my account to pause it whenever I want instead of canceling it and resubscribing. When she gets behind – because life – I just skip a month to let her catch up. She loves the projects because they’re fun to do and the finished product is always something decorative or functional that actually makes sense in her room.

Next, is the Atlas Crate. This crate is for geography lovers who want to explore the world and discover different cultures.

kiwi co atlas crate

This crate is ridiculously adorable, and I think it fits right in with the suggested age range (6-11). My son needs a little help for most of the projects, but that makes it perfect for some weekend bonding time. The monthly subscriptions starts with a general crate that gives you the book shown in the photo above and a couple of projects. One project is making your own miniature globe. There are also fun games and information to read about the different continents to introduce your child to them before they start receiving their boxes.

kiwi co atlas crate project

Each monthly box focuses on a new country. So far, Trenton has had countries like Kenya, Sweden, and Brazil. He loves being surprised each month with the country he got. Inside each box is a couple of projects and games plus information and activities to help your kiddo learn about the country. Each project is well-made and includes easy-to-follow instructions that older kids can mostly do on their own. Trenton was able to do the binoculars above mostly on his own.

Kiwi co atlas crate project

But he needed some extra help from me to make this bracelet, only because we’re still fine-tuning his fine motor skills. But we love opening a box on the weekends and finishing a project together, so it’s totally fine with me that he still needs some assistance!

Just like the other KiwiCo crates, you can pause and restart this subscription as needed. So far, I’ve kept these going every month because Trenton is excited to open them up and complete the projects as soon as we can. Still, there’s enough to keep him occupied over a few days. Plus, he always gets something cool to use or play with as a finished project.

Overall, I’m so impressed with our KiwiCo crates. Billing is super simple, and I can control every aspect of my account online (that’s a huge bonus for me!). Plus, the projects couldn’t be any better. Every month, the crates’ contents exceed our expectations and give my kiddos unique opportunities to do something fun and new.

KiwiCo FAQ

What are KiwiCo boxes?

KiwiCo boxes contain interest-focused activities for different age groups. Some boxes focus on crafty projects while others are STEM-based. Purchasers can order KiwiCo boxes monthly or save money on a KiwiCo subscription for 3, 6, or 12 months.

What is the best KiwiCo crate?

The great thing about KiwiCo is that there’s a box for everyone (seriously, I enjoy doing all the same projects my kids do!). From science lovers to geography enthusiasts, everyone can find a box that relates to their interests. I suggest looking through the KiwiCo lineup to learn more about each box and who it’s the right fit for. You can always buy one box, try it, and switch to something else that might be more suitable for your kiddo.

Can kids to a Kiwi box alone?

It depends on the box and your child’s development. Each KiwiCo box is designed for a specific age range, but your child’s skills might deem a box challenging or very easy, even though they’re within the suggested age range. For instance, my son fits the age range for the Atlas Crate, but he still needs my help for some projects. And that’s totally okay, because we love working on them together!

Is KiwiCo legit?

Absolutely! I’m going on almost a year of being a KiwiCo subscriber. I’ve never been disappointed in any of the boxes we’ve received, and neither have my kids. Another bonus: It’s so easy to pause or cancel your subscription without getting asked a bunch of questions or feeling pressured to continue.

How much do KiwiCo crates cost?

KiwiCo boxes start at just $19.95 a month and scale up to $29.95. However, buying longer subscriptions (3, 6, or 12 months) instead of monthly subscriptions can lower your cost.

Can I get KiwiCo without a subscription?

Yes. KiwiCo offers a full online store where you can buy individual projects. You don’t need to be a subscriber to shop the store, so it’s a great option for families to try a few activities before deciding on a box.

When does KiwiCo ship?

You can check your online account to see when your KiwiCo crate will ship. Once shipped, expect to receive your goodies in the mail within 3-10 business days.

How do I cancel KiwiCo?

To cancel a KiwiCo subscription, simply log into your online account, navigate to the subscription you’d like to cancel, and click the cancel button. KiwiCo will usually send you an offer with a discounted rate to keep your subscription as a courtesy, but you’re not at all obligated to do so.

How do I contact KiwiCo?

Visit the KiwiCo Help Center for answers to common questions, or log into your online account to use the live chat feature.

Is there a KiwiCo coupon code, KiwiCo promo code, or KiwiCo free trial?

Check out coupon sites like RetailMeNot and Groupon to find promo codes and coupons to save money on KiwiCo subscriptions and boxes. KiwiCo also offers 30% off the first month when you try out any crate. Don’t forget to stop by Swagbucks before heading to KiwiCo! You can get money back to your Swagbucks account when you purchase and save money on a subscription.

Right now, you can also subscribe and get 3 months for $18 per month with code SPARK!

KiwiCo Reviews: Let me know your thoughts!

We obviously love KiwiCo in our home, but I’m also interested in hearing your KiwiCo reviews! What have you loved about boxes you’ve tried? Is there anything you wish would be improved? Please leave your thoughts in a comment below to help others who are considering subscribing to KiwiCo.


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