Funny Mom Shirts You Need in Your Closet Now

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I love a good “mom” shirt whether it’s sentimental, sarcastic, or just plain funny. Funny mom shirts are some of my favorites, though, because if you’re going to deal with whining, fighting, and “Mom, can you wipe my butt?” all day every day, you might as well find humor in the messy art of parenting.


Here are some of my absolute favorite funny mom shirts that can bring you a much-needed laugh or two as you navigate the world of mommyhood.

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Funny Mom Shirts You Need in Your Life

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1. Mamarazzi

photo taking mom shirtThis shirt sums up motherhood pretty well: We follow out kids around like leeches (mostly because we totally don’t trust what they’re going to do next) and always have our phones out and ready to catch a quick shot of them being super cute. Yep, we’re the Mamarazzi.

2. Raising Boys Shirt

raising boys shirt

This shirt about raising boys couldn’t be any truer. I have only one boy but Oh. My. Gosh. he’s a handful. I’m not a huge wine drinker, but coffee is a must for me to get through the day (especially his 2,651 questions an hour).

3. Go Ask Your Dad

go ask your dad shirt

We’ve all thought it a lot and probably have even said it a few times. Now, we can just show our kids this shirt and maybe…just maybe…they’ll get the hint…?

4. Kinda Have Baby Fever

baby fever shirt

I feel like I could’ve designed this shirt myself. I only have two but occasionally get stricken by the “I LOVE BABIES” bug…until I remember how much I don’t want another baby! (Darn it, why are they so freaking cute?)

5. A Little Bit Sloth-Like

sloth shirt for moms

If you’re usually late to events (which you probably are because…little people) then this shirt is totally for you.

6. ’80s and ’90s Moms Unite!

hood playlist mom shirt

I was born in the ’80s and spent most of my adolescent years in the ’90s and early ’00s, listening to everything from Eminem and Dr. Dre to Nelly and 50 Cent. I don’t care if I’m in my 30’s – I still listen to it (I just have to now find the clean versions for every song I listen to around my kids). It’s okay to be a mom and a little hood – this shirt proves it.

7. Speaking of Hood…

lose my mind mom shirt

In keeping with the “hood” theme is this most perfect shirt for moms, channeling DMX and one of his most popular tracks. And it couldn’t fit the mom life any better.

8. The Momster’s Coming Out


We’ve all had the Momster come out here and there. It’s cool. At least this shirt gives everyone in the nearby vicinity a warning that it could happen.

9. “Will I Ever Be Normal Again?”

normal 3 kids ago

Face it: after you have your first kid, you’re never the same as you were before kids! And that’s really not a bad thing. What sucks is forgetting everything and feeling like an emotional mess half the time. But that’s mommyhood and we wouldn’t change it for the world. So, wear this shirt proudly and with a little bit of humor.

10. A Little Hei Hei Never Hurt Anyone

mom life hei hei shirt

I’m obsessed with the movie Moana, and much of that obsession has to do with this adorable little guy, Hei Hei. As soon as you see him, you’ll know exactly what this shirt is talking about.

11. No Fidget Spinner Necessary

mom wine shirt

Are you a mama who loves her wine? Say it proudly with this shirt.

12. Crazy Sports Mom

sports mom shirt

I’ve seen some CRAZY sports moms. Some are funny and others are seriously scary. Wherever you fall on the spectrum, you might want to wear this shirt, just to give everyone a rightful warning.

13. Please Check Batteries

mom battery shirt

We can all relate to this shirt, whether we wake up feeling like we need 5 more hours of sleep or go to bed feeling like we’ve just run 10 marathons. Being a mom is tough and draining, physically and mentally (but so, SO rewarding). This tee can be a good reminder to others and ourselves that we need to recharge once in a while!

So many funny shirts for moms, so little time to wear them all! I’d love to see some of your funniest mom shirts. Drop a link to a blog post, Pinterest pin, or Instagram photo showing you wearing your favorite funny mom shirt down in the comments below! Which one of the above is your favorite?

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