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My Favorite Parenting Blogs of 2022

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As a parenting and family blogger myself, I love connecting with other bloggers who are parents and reading their thoughts a few times a week. In fact, I have a whole folder in my browser’s bookmarks dedicated to the best parenting blogs on the web. I sift through them each week to read new tips, stories, and moments from mom bloggers I can relate to.

If you’re looking for a new mom blog to read, consider the ones on my list. It’s a complete mix of parenting, from perspectives of older mom bloggers to blogs that curate stories from parents of all walks of life, making for an eclectic blend of parenthood with something for every parent.

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28 Must-Read Best Parenting Blogs

The following parenting blogs are (in my opinion only) the best parenting blogs to read in 2022. Side note: It’s impossible for me to pick favorites out of these, so the list is in no particular order!

1. Coffee + Crumbs

I love parenting blogs that offer perspectives of parents from all different walks of life, which is exactly what Coffee + Crumbs does. The collaborative blog features moms with stories to share about motherhood, friendship, and life in general.

Posts I Love: The Grief of 1,000 Tiny Things, Would I Do It All Again?

2. Wealthy Single Mommy with Emma Johnson

Emma Johnson is a single mom with two kids and a business who shares what it’s like to juggle all the things on her blog, Wealthy Single Mommy. As a single mom myself for most of my kids’ lives, I can absolutely related to Emma’s passion for building the best for her kids. Her blog is filled with tips for starting and growing a business and making money while also sharing helpful ideas for single moms to live their best lives.

Posts I Love: How to Co-Parent Successfully with Your Ex, 52-Week Money Challenge

3. Cafe Mom

Cafe Mom is another collaborative blog from moms all over the world who want to share their parenting stories and tips. It’s informational mixed with humor, entertainment, and grit, so there’s always something to read no matter what kind of mood I’m in. Some of the best stories on this site, in my opinion, are the completely honest, raw stories of motherhood.

Posts I Love: Should We Lower Our Expectations as Parents?, The Scariest Part of Mothering Teens Is Letting Go

4. Aha! Parenting

Aha! Parenting has been one of my favorite blogs to read for years now. Founded by clinical psychologist Dr. Laura Markham, the blog splits topics by child age, allowing parents to quickly skim to the information they need based on their child’s developmental stage. I also love the in-depth parenting guides that uplift parents with realistic tips to raise confident, happy families.

Posts I Love: Ten Tips To Become a More Peaceful Parent, 250 Conversation Starters for Family Discussions

5. Happy You, Happy Family

The name behind Happy You, Happy Family is Kelly Holmes, a Certified Parent Educator. I love her calm, nurturing take on parenting, and her posts always seem to offer simple, actionable guidance that I find refreshing. Plus, the blog caters to the well-being of parents just as much as kids, which is always a bonus.

Posts I Love: It’s Not a Compliment When You Say, “I Don’t Know How You Do It”, 30 Hidden Signs of Anxiety in Children That You Need to Know

6. The Work at Home Wife

I started reading Angie Neslon’s The Work at Home Wife about a year or so before I started my own work at home journey. The blog really inspired me to not give up on my dream of working from home and being more available to my kids. I still read it today, even after being a business owner for 5+ years, just because I’m always open to starting new income streams and seeing what’s out there. For any moms looking into starting a business or working from home, this blog is a must-read.

Posts I Love: 7 Ways to Decompress After Working From Home, How to Find More Financial Stability In An Unstable Online World

7. Mom Knows It All – From Val’s Kitchen

I’ll be completely transparent here: Valerie Gray from Mom Knows It All – From Val’s Kitchen is part of my family. Still, there’s no bias; her blog really is one of the best parenting blogs. Val’s been blogging for years about travel, food, pets, parenting, and more, eventually combining her two popular blogs into one. I love following along with her realistic recipes for busy parents, and her gift guides feature some really unique and fun products.

Posts I Love: There’s a lot of stuff on this blog, so it’s tough to choose a couple of posts. I suggest starting with the gift guides and recipes, and digging around from there to find what you like!

8. Positive Parenting Solutions

Positive Parenting Solutions comes from Amy McReady, a parenting coach and mom of two. The site caters to parents with kids of all ages, so you’ll find a mix of everything from breastfeeding to bullying.

Posts I Love: 5 Positive Parenting Techniques You Can Use in 2022, Befriending the Mom of a Child With Special Needs: 7 Tips For Success

9. Special Needs Jungle

As the mom of a child with special needs, I love what Special Needs Jungle has to offer. This collaborative blog brings several viewpoints from regular columnists and guest bloggers who are part of the special needs world or its advocacy. It’s one of the best places to bookmark for the latest disability news, too.

Posts I Love: Why Person-Centred Planning is vital for better lives for children and adults with disabilities, The dyslexia ‘battle’ and middle-class mums? I think we need to look at the broader picture

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10. has been one of my long-time favorite parenting reads. From choosing baby names to potty-training tips to real-life mom confessions, offers some great reads for moms, no matter what they need on any given day.

Posts I Love: Your Kid Is on Social Media? Here Are the Safety Protocols for All of the Major Sites, 9 Black Owned Businesses to Support

11. Ripped Jeans & Bifocals

I was part of a blogger support group with Jill Robbins from Ripped Jeans & Bifocals several years ago, and I’m so glad I was introduced to her blog through that world. Since then, her blog has rightfully blown up into the popular online spot it is today, filled with both humor and realism. Be sure to follow her on Facebook, too – she’s always sharing some great stuff.

Posts I Love: And Why Do You Care What I Do All Day?, 13 Random Acts of Kindness for Teachers That You Can Do Right Now

12. Mama Knows It All

Brandi from Mama Knows It All writes refreshing and informative posts on parenting. Check out some of her activities, activity sheets, and craft ideas for kids, too.

Posts I Love: Ways To Give Back When You Don’t Have Money, How to Show Up For Black Women

13. Beanstalk

Beanstalk is a blog for single moms, so I deeply relate to a lot of what’s posted here. Still, non-single moms can also enjoy all of its other tidbits for parents of all kinds.

Posts I Love: 25 Free Educational Websites to Support Your Kids Learning, 12+ Jobs You Can Fit Into School Hours

14. Nakisha Wynn

Nakisha is a mom blogger with a mixed bag of work experience who is now a work-from-home mommy. Her blog juggles topics on parenting, working from home, and family finances. I love everything about Nakisha’s blog, from her relatability to its simple design.

Posts I Love: How I’m Teaching My Teenager The Importance Of Credit, How to be a Better Boy Mom

15. Lemon Lime Adventures

There’s something just really refreshing to me about Lemon Lime Adventures (perhaps it’s the citrusy vibe?). Author Dayna Abraham writes in a way that empowers parents to always do and be their best, which I love. If you have time, check out her printable library, too.

Posts I Love: Why Following Your Passions Actually Makes You A Better Mom (Hint: It Actually Keeps You Sane), 8 Ninja Tips to Handle Everyday Sensory “Issues”

16. Your Modern Family

Your Modern Family was one of the first parenting blogs I really got into, and it’s still one of my go-to’s. It has a mix of kids activity ideas, money tips for families, marriage advice, and pure parenting stories and hacks.

Posts I Love: The scary truth about what’s hurting our kids, Easy and Effective Reward System for Kids

17. The Parent Cue

The Parent Cue’s blog is a resource of information for families who use the Parent Cue app, which builds family faith and character. The blog covers lots of unique topics that other parenting blogs don’t usually tackle, and it’s updated frequently with tips, stories, and ideas.

Posts I Love: 50 Things to be Grateful for Right Now, Bridge the Gap Between Home and the Classroom

18. What’s Up Fagans?

What’s Up Fagans? has tons of information to sift through, from practical tips for the home to product reviews, homeschooling ideas, and more. The family is also very Christian-focused, so there’s a lot of helpful information for families wanting to strengthen their faith.

Posts I Love: Parents: Here’s How to Get Kids Excited About All the Right Things, 35 Memorable and Unique Beach Games for Kids

19. Mama Bear Inc.

Mama Bear Inc. may not be the fanciest blog in the blogosphere, but I love its content. Kris offers posts on weight loss, yoga, autism, mental health, and more. She also has lots of plant posts for those of you who care for plants like they’re your kids, too!

Posts I Love: Best of the Starbucks Secret Menu, Top Family Beaches on the North Shore+NH+Southern Maine

20. Direct Advice for Dads (DAD)

Dads absolutely deserve parenting blogs that cover issues they might have, too which is why I love Direct Advice for Dads (DAD). Although it’s for the daddies out there, I browse it too. It’s nice to get a different perspective from a dad’s point of view sometimes! Dads can be so raw and real, which is as refreshing as it is comical at times.

Posts I Love: Nobody warns you about it, but fatherhood can sometimes bore you to tears, The 10 best tips I’ve received as a dad

21. Grown & Flown

I find the teenager/young adult space of parenting blogs lacking, as many of them are geared toward younger kids still in the home for the next several years. However, Grown & Flown is all about the older kiddos (I have one approaching college age myself!) and how to navigate high school, college, and beyond.

Posts I Love: The Price You Pay for College, 21 Important Questions to Ask, Senior Year of High School Feels Like The “Year of Tears”

22. Sammiches & Psych Meds

What’s not to love about Sammiches & Psych Meds based on the title alone? As you might guess, this blog features a lot of real, unfiltered parenting guidance, stories, and humor. This is one I come to when I need a little lightheartedness added to my stressful days.

Posts I Love: I Wear Leggings as Pants, I Have Mom Hair, and IDGAF, To The Mama Who Didn’t Get To Have A Normal Childhood

23. Moments a Day

Moments a Day is one of those simple parenting blogs that makes me smile, but I can’t really pinpoint why. It just does. And for that reason, it makes my list of the best parenting blogs.

Posts I Love: 10 Powerful Ways To Show Your Kids You Love Them {Without Words}, 15 Lessons Learned from Miscarriage

24. Janet Lansbury – Elevating Child Care

Janet Lansbury is a certified parenting instructor, and her blog combines both her professional and personal expertise in parenting. She features posts on parenting babies through older kids and teens, so every stage of mommyhood is covered.

Posts I Love: The Blessing of a Meltdown, No Such Thing as Failure

25. Motherly

I follow Motherly mostly for parenting-related news and personal stories, but its “What to Read” and health sections are also fantastic. It’s updated so frequently that it’s hard for me to keep up with – but that’s not a bad thing at all. I love blogs that have so much content ready for me to dig into at any time.

Posts I Love: The stress of caregiving is impacting our relationships—but this can help, Mindfulness training helps kids sleep longer, study reveals

26. Fatherly

I can’t add Motherly to the list without adding Fatherly, too. Though not from the same brand family, Fatherly has equally awesome content but in a way that’s designed for dads to relate to. Still, as I said before, I love getting dads’ perspectives.

Posts I Love: “Special Needs” Is a Euphemism That Hurts Disabled Kids, 7 Simple Mantras to Repeat During Tough Times

27. Kara Carrero – Extremely Good Parenting

Kara Carrero is a mom, former teacher, and current parenting advocate. Her blog, Extremely Good Parenting, focuses on intentional parenting, a concept that I absolutely adore.

Posts I Love: New research exposes devastating crisis of parenting without help, Raising Children to Problem Solve So You Don’t Have To

28. Nature Moms

In recent years, I’ve tried to tap into more of a natural, healthy lifestyle for myself and my kids. Nature Moms is one of the blogs I read when I want advice or ideas for that sort of thing. It’s introduced me to all kinds of interesting topics, like crafting using things found in nature and ways to clean using natural ingredients and household items. Note: I don’t believe this blog gets updated anymore, but I still think it’s worth a mention because of all the awesome evergreen tips it provides.

Posts I Love: Raising Minimalist Children in a Society of Excess, Using Citrus Fruits to Clean Your House

Best Parenting Blogs of 2022

In 2022, I’m making it a point to continue looking for some of the best new mom blogs, funny parenting blogs, working mom blogs, etc., to enjoy during the little “me” time I have. If you have a parenting blog you’d like to share, feel free to link it down in the comments. Also, share with me some of your absolute favorite parenting blogs that aren’t on this list. I’m always up for adding some new blogs to my roster!

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