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12 Family Bonding Activities to Enjoy with Your Kids

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Family bonding activities bring your family members closer together through quality time. They also give you all some time to unwind and reconnect with each other. Some day, your children can look back on all the parent and child bonding activities you did together with fond memories. Check out these family bonding ideas to get you all enjoying your time together in out-of-the-box ways.

12 Family Bonding Activities to Enjoy Together

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Have a dance party.

Dancing is one of the most perfect family bonding activities! Let loose, be silly, and make your family bond even stronger as you do it. We have an Amazon Echo Show that we use to play music, but you can stream music from a computer, phone, or TV, or use the radio. Then, start dancing and watch the stress of the day melt away. We’ve even been known to shut off the lights and use glow sticks or projectors sometimes for a little extra entertainment! This is definitely one of the best budget friendly ways to bond with your kids.

Play unique games.

meltdown games

Playing board games is one of our favorite activities to do as a family. My kids and I usually pick one or two to play in the evenings after dinner on weekdays and play several on weekends. We especially love looking for unique games that aren’t like every other one that involves counting spaces and moving pieces. Currently, our favorites include Monopoly Gamer (it’s not your usual Monopoly – you have to battle Mario bosses and collect coins!), Box of Lies, and Meltdown.

meltdown game

We’re building up quite the collection of games on our home so we have plenty to rotate (a great way to avoid boredom!). Meltdown is our newest addition, thanks to PlayMonster and ChizComm offering it to us to have fun with. We’ve been hooked ever since we tried it.

meltdown game

You have to stack bright green cubes on top of the platform. But there’s a catch: The platform sits atop a pile of green, gushy goo that shifts gradually as you play! You have to be strategic to try to balance the cubes because if they fall, you have to put them all back in your pile. If you have little kids who don’t like to lose (or maybe you hate to lose?) you can guess why it’s called Meltdown! Still, it’s one of the best family bonding games. It’s exciting and makes everyone laugh!

Have a sleepover.

One weekend night each week, my kids and I gather up our blankets and pillows and have a sleepover in a bedroom or the living room. My kids will sometimes make a blanket fort as I sleep on the couch. This simple and fun family bonding idea is one you can tweak, too. Have a trampoline sleepover, for example, or put up a small tent in the living room and go “camping.”

Get fit together.

Our family loves to exercise together. I’m convinced that it’s one of the most awesome and fun things for families to do together. Not only is it great for bonding, but exercising together also promotes a healthy lifestyle. What could be a better way to spend time together as a family?

Have a scavenger hunt.

Take the kids to the park or walk around the block to look for different things (this mostly depends on their age and skill level). For example, toddlers and preschoolers can look for shapes, like a triangle roof or a circle car tire. Older kids can search for items like maple leaves, bird nests, and animal tracks. One of our favorite family bonding activities in the fall is searching for leaves. We see how many we can find of each type, color, shape, etc., and then make crafts with them (using leaves as stamps, for example).

Take advantage of everything the library has to offer.

Our local library is THE best. We live in a small town, but our library does so much for kids, and I know others do, too. Head to the library with your kids to browse the shelves and pick out some books. While you’re there, ask a librarian what activities are available for kids. Ours has classes for babies and toddlers with crafts, stories, and music. Older kids have LEGO competitions, escape rooms, planetarium activities, and so many other after-school and weekend activities that parents are welcome to join in on.

family bonding activities

Plan a day trip.

Visit a zoo. Check out an art gallery. Go watch a sporting event. You all deserve a day out once in a while! I know outings can get expensive, even for simple day trips. I like to browse Groupon while planning to see if there are any deals I can grab. You can also look through Facebook Events to find local stuff. A lot of community events are free or inexpensive, and young children can usually get discounted pricing.

Spend time in the kitchen.

Get your kids in on the cooking action in the kitchen. Cooking together is the perfect way to blend quality time with responsibility, all while keeping things light and fun. Have your kiddos help you plan meals, bake, cook, and, of course, taste test!

Enjoy nature.

Fish in a nearby pond. Watch birds fly by. See how many different insects you can find. Rake leaves into a pile and jump into them. Watch the moon come out and find pictures in the stars. There are virtually endless activities for family bonding to do right in your own backyard.

Participate in community activities and events.

I mentioned before that browsing Facebook Events can be helpful for finding affordable community activities to do together. You can also check the newspaper or your newspaper’s website. Schools sometimes send out flyers about upcoming events, too, so be sure to check your child’s backpack each night.

Make crafts.

I keep a large tote filled with any “extras” we can use for crafts on a rainy day, like yarn, glitter, and felt. We also occasionally buy inexpensive crafting kits at the store to do together, like building and painting wooden birdhouses or race cars. My son and I also adore the Smart Pixelator, which lets you make premade and custom designs. We especially love making bracelets with it!

Declutter, organize, and rearrange.

This one may not sound like fun to a kid at first. But if your kids are anything like mine, they’ll love the end result. Decluttering and organizing your home has the potential to make your life feel less cluttered, and kids can sense the change, too. Mine have gotten so that they love to clean and organize their rooms, especially when they have a goal in mind. Last weekend, for instance, I suggested that we make a reading nook in my son’s bedroom. He happily helped me find some toys to donate to make room and reorganize others to make his reading spot. We spent lots of one-on-one time together and got a big project out of the way!

Family Bonding Activities Everyone Will Enjoy

I’d love to hear some of your favorite family bonding activities your family enjoys together. Also, let me know if you tried any of the ones I mentioned above! Feel free to drop a comment below or connect with me on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram.



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  1. Candice McDaniel


    Hey Amy, I love this list! We have been stuck at home for a while since I recently broke my leg. There are a lot of great ideas that I can use to help keep the kids and me from going stir-crazy over the next few weeks. I’m already brainstorming ideas for a scavenger hunt I know they will love. Thanks!

    1. Amy Boyington


      So sorry to hear about your leg, Candice – that’s so rough with little ones! I’m glad you found some activities that will help you out. Feel free to come back and let me know how your scavenger hunt went!

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