How to Earn Money Efficiently: More Income, Same (Or Less!) Work Hours

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How to work LESS but earn MORE with an at-home job or business. Hint: productivity is KEY.

Self-employment allows you to make your own schedule and have first-hand knowledge of where your money goes after you earn it. After you’ve been in business long enough to learn the basics, you need to re-evaluate how you manage your business and eliminate the time drains that are keeping you from making the money you deserve. Eliminating the practices that reduce your productivity will help you generate more income while still working the same hours.

Work less, earn more

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Scheduling Tools

If you are trying to manage your time more efficiently, look to the tools that help you keep track of it more accurately. They include:

  • A desk calendar where you can log your hours and keep track of appointments.
  • A digital calendar that syncs your phone with your laptop or PC.
  • Alarms that can be set to remind you of upcoming appointments.
  • An accurate clock so you can keep track of your time.

While some of these tools may seem a little simple, putting them to good use is a good way to find out just how much time you wasted in the past. Make sure to log the hours you work and the activities you perform for family separately. This will help you identify how much time you spend multi-tasking. A good way to tell the difference is to write all work-related times in blue ink and family time with green or red ink.

Schedule Your Time Effectively

Maximizing the potential of your scheduling tools is only effective if you schedule your time accordingly. If you have three clients located in the same area of town, make sure to make their deliveries on the same day. If you need to call two or more people who are involved in the same case, make a conference call and talk to both at the same time. Manage your time effectively and you will be able to earn more while working the same amount of hours that you did in the past.

Invoicing Programs

Use a computerized invoicing program. It eliminates the need to write out invoices and the program will automatically store the people and companies you normally work with. With a few clicks, you can fill the invoice out and send it in a matter of seconds. Each invoice is recorded and saved and can be looked up by the month or by the name of the company it was sent to. Another benefit of an invoicing program is that it keeps track of when payments are due. You can also program it to send out reminder notices if a payment is late.

Organization is Key

Along with effective time management, organization is one area where you can maximize your efficiency. Keeping your office orderly and making sure items are put away after each use are simple ways that can save you time. Keep your files in order and make sure the documents on your computer are backed up every day. It can also be beneficial to make hard copies of documents you know you will have to print off. Keep your files in order and make sure they are close at hand so you don’t have to search for them when you need them.

Focus on Attracting High-End Clients

As your business starts to grow, encourage your clients to spread the word to others about your services. Make sure you to send an invitation to high-end clients offering them a discounted rate for their first scheduled appointment. To continue to build your business, you will have to earn the respect of the companies who pay the big money for your services.

Surround Yourself with Positive People and Self-Improvement Tools

Surround yourself with positivity. Whether it is positive people, daily affirmations, or self-improvement tools, this is a good way to keep you moving forward at a steady pace. Set goals for yourself and every time you reach a milestone, celebrate! Enjoy your success. Set another goal and forge ahead.

It’s easy to experience burnout with any type of job. The key is becoming as efficient as possible. This makes it easier to earn a better income while working the same hours. With a little dedication and determination, you will eventually settle into a routine that works for you. Once you’ve mastered how to earn more, you will be able to bring all of your personal and professional goals within reach.


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