18 Awesome and Easy DIY Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Kids

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Are you considering swapping the store-bought stuff for more personal DIY stocking stuffer ideas for the kids this year? You’ve come to the right spot. I’ve rounded up some of the best homemade stocking stuffer ideas that your kids are going to love.

There’s nothing better than a handmade Christmas gift, which is why I adore these simple stocking stuffer crafts. They’re easy to make but such perfect additions for a child’s stocking.

Side note: I know there are only a few days left until Christmas. If you don’t have enough time to work on DIY stocking stuffers, head over to my holiday gift guide for kids for some last-minute gift inspiration.

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DIY Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Kids

Make these easy DIY stocking stuffers for your own kids or as gifts for nieces, nephews, grandbabies, or your kids’ friends!

1. Minion Finger Puppets

homemade stocking stuffer ideas
©Sustain My Craft Habit

It just doesn’t get any more adorable than these Minion finger puppets from Sustain My Craft Habit. As the mom of a son who is obsessed with Minions (and I understand his obsession – these guys are hilarious!), I know that this is the perfect stocking stuffer for little Minion fans.

2. Glitter Star Crayons

homemade stocking stuffers
©Happy Mothering

These glitter star crayons from Happy Mothering are some of my favorite DIY stocking stuffer ideas for kiddos. What a fun way to get creative! You can also switch up the shapes using soap molds and pick whatever colors your little one loves most.

3. Homemade Bug Soap

stocking stuffer crafts
©Glitter On a Dime

Grab the recipe for homemade bug soap from Glitter On a Dime. Kids who love creepy crawlies will delight to see little creatures hidden away in these translucent soaps. Bonus: The soap could be an excellent way to encourage little kids to keep their hands clean! They’ll want to get to the bug inside as soon as possible.

4. Felt Whale

diy christmas stocking stuffers
©Happiest Camper

This felt whale from Happiest Camper is one of the cutest homemade stocking stuffers you’ll ever see. And it’s super versatile. It can turn into a pacifier clip, hang on a baby’s mobile, sew onto a child’s shirt, or even become a toy for a baby doll.

5. Toy Surprise Bath Bombs for Kids

easy diy stocking stuffers
©Happy Mothering

The bath bomb craze is huge right now with kids. But I bet your child hasn’t seen a bath bomb like this yet! You can surprise your kiddo with a toy surprise bath bomb from Happy Mothering. Hide a small toy inside before closing them up, and they’ll never expect what pops out in the bathtub.

6. Pencil Roll

DIY stocking stuffer ideas
©My Poppet Makes

Keep pencils, colored pencils, or markers tidy with this DIY pencil roll from My Poppet Makes. It’s a perfectly sized stocking stuffer for children who love to draw, color, and create.

7. No-Sew Braided Headband

diy stocking fillers
©Happiest Camper

This no-sew braided headband from Happiest Camper is super simple to make in just minutes. And you can make it by cutting up an old t-shirt, so you won’t need to spend anything on materials!

8. Christmas Coupon Book

I appreciate DIY stocking stuffer ideas that don’t require spending a bunch of money on supplies and are personalized to the recipient. This Christmas coupon book idea from Mom Hacks 101 checks those boxes. Head to the site to get a free printable template that you can customize and some adorable coupon ideas.

9. Among Us Pencil Toppers

diy stocking stuffer ideas
©Sustain My Craft Habit

If you have a child aged anywhere from 6 to 18, you’ve probably heard of the trending game Among Us. (If not, consider yourself lucky. It’s fun and all, but it’s everywhere!) Recreate the cute little spacemen with felt to make these Among Us pencil toppers from Sustain My Craft Habit.

DIY stocking stuffer ideas for Christmas

10. Hair Scrunchie

Hair scrunchies are no longer a thing from the 80s and 90s. They’re back, and it looks like they’re sticking around for a while. Learn how to make a simple hair scrunchie from Needlepointers.com. The post includes a video tutorial to walk you through every step.

11. Kids Bath Scrub

homemade stocking stuffer ideas
©Ottowa Mommy Club

Make a customizable kids bath scrub from Ottowa Mommy Club. This uncomplicated recipe contains just three ingredients, so you can whip it up in minutes for a handmade addition to your pre-teen or teen’s stocking.

12. Gluten-Free Play Dough

diy stocking stuffers
©Strength & Sunshine

This all-natural gluten-free play dough from Strength & Sunshine is one of a kind. With this recipe, you won’t need to worry if your little ones decide to taste it while they’re playing with it. It’s made with natural ingredients that are safe to consume, so play away!

13. Cord Wrapper

homemade stocking stuffers

Need some DIY stocking fillers for a teenager who’s into electronics? Try making this simple cord wrapper from Needlepointers.com to keep their chargers neatly organized. You can use any fabric you want to personalize it to your heart’s content.

14. Mermaid Glitter Soap

stocking stuffer crafts
©Glitter On a Dime

Pop some adorable little mermaid toys (or whatever other toys you wish) into these glitter soaps from Glitter On a Dime to give your child a fun surprise while they bathe or wash their hands. They require only six ingredients to make.

15. Rose Headband

diy stocking fillers
©Happy Mothering

Give your accessorized child a gift they can use for dressing up, going to school, or handing out at home. This rose headband from Happy Mothering only needs a few crafting supplies, and you can customize it with beads, bling, and whatever you want to make it match your child’s personality.

16. Rudolph Hot Cocoa

diy christmas stocking stuffers
©Ottowa Mommy Club

With this Rudolph hot cocoa craft from Ottowa Mommy Club, your kids can have everything they need to unwind with a warm mug of hot chocolate on Christmas night. Head to the site to get a free printable gift tag that you can attach to the bag to explain how to make the drink.

17. Ladybug Brooch

diy stocking stuffer ideas
©My Poppet Makes

This ladybug brooch from My Poppet Makes can go on a purse, hat, headband, jacket, shoes, or whatever you want to attach it to! Have fun switching up the colors to make totally unique ladybugs.

18. Christmas Tic Tac Toe

diy stocking stuffer ideas for kids
©I Save A to Z

Are you traveling for Christmas? If so, you need DIY Christmas stocking stuffers like these on your list! This Christmas Tic Tac Toe from I Save A to Z is easy to pull out and use in the car or at Grandma’s house. All the pieces store neatly inside the bag!

©Sum of Their Stories

This travel game in a bag from Sum of Their Stories is also an adorable alternative if you’re looking for something similar that isn’t Christmas-themed.

There are so many ways you can tailor these travel games to your needs, too. Use different colors, find other erasers if you want to make it more general, and try to make other games in a bag, like BINGO.

I can see using these games throughout the year for things like free time at school or a way to keep little hands busy while waiting at the doctor.

Make Homemade DIY Stocking Stuffers for the Kids

If you do happen to use any of the crafts above to make something special for the kiddos on your list, be sure to show some love to the crafty people who created them! Share their post on Pinterest, leave a blog comment, or subscribe to their email list.

Also, if you still need some gift ideas, be sure to head over to my holiday gift guide to find stuff for babies, kids, and teens.

Let me know what crafts you’ll make to add to your child’s stocking this year! Drop me a comment below.

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