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Why Does My Business Need a Blog? 7 Benefits of a Blog for Business

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What are the Benefits of a Blog for Business?

You’ve probably heard by now, but I’ll say it again for the biz owners in the back:

A blog post is one of the best types of content you can have for your business

Content creators and content marketers say that there are tons of benefits of a blog for business all the time, and there’s a reason for that.

A business with an engaging blog and a clear blogging strategy can get 55% more traffic to their website than businesses that don’t blog.

Traffic, of course, can lead to more leads and sales through an awesome little (big) thing called a sales funnel.

Basically, your blog helps draw people to your site, helps them find the information they were looking for, and sends them on their merry little way. If you do it right, the path takes them right to your services or products immediately or eventually.

Either way, it’s more money for your business (cha-ching!).

Of course, it’s important to look past the dollar signs and remember that your customers are people. They want to feel a connection to your brand. They want help, and they want relatability. And that’s the beauty of a blog for your business site.

There are virtually endless benefits of a blog for business, but I’m going to share some of my top reasons to convince you to get started on that blog now. Creating a blog for your business is a step you simply can’t afford not to take.

7 Benefits of a Blog for Business

benefits of a blog for business

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1. It makes your business relatable.

You can think of your blog as a story. A conversation. A way to speak to your customers on a more personal level. It’s different from press releases, email newsletters, whitepapers, and other copy you might have circling about your business.

A blog is a place to share musings about your brand while weaving in helpful information. You can talk about people who work there. You can give tutorials showcasing your products. Your blog tells people “This is what we do and this is why you should love us.” It’s relatable and personable.

Your business blog will make people see your brand in a way that makes sense for them, which invokes a sense of trust and, “Oh my gosh – I need that!”

2. It proves that your business is a go-to source for information.

Don’t get me wrong.

Your business blog can’t always simply steer people directly to your products or services. It also needs to provide value. Blogs are awesome at doing that.

You should see your blog as a wealth of information that can help your readers. They should read your blog and take away useful information from it. After all, people use search engines to find answers to their problems. If you answer those questions, they’ll find you and see that you know what you’re talking about.

When a person finds an authoritative source on a subject they’re interested in, they’ll trust that source and be more likely to buy from it. That source, my friend, can be you with your blog.

3. It ranks you higher in search engines.

Give your audience engaging blog content that pertains to them and they’ll probably find it through a search engine. The more your audience engages with that content (visiting, reading, sharing, etc.), the higher your content will rank in search engines. It’s all about search engine optimization (SEO).

What does that mean for you? Your blog posts could end up on the first page of Google. That’s a huge win for any business. People don’t usually scroll past the first page (think about it: do you?), so the higher you get up there, the easier it’ll be for people to land on your posts.

Then, they might browse other pages on your site. They might even end up purchasing from you!

4. It generates leads and sales.

business blog benefits

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

So, what is it about a blog post that can possibly lead to a sale? Your call-to-action (CTA).

Your CTA is usually at the end of your post. The CTA will vary depending on your business and what your post is about. But it’s always going to entice your visitors to do something.

In many cases, that could mean pointing them to a product or service that can help them based on the content they’re reading. You might also steer them toward another similar blog post. (By the way, keeping people on your page longer by pointing them toward other posts is an excellent strategy to boost your SEO). You could ask them to sign up for your email list, which you use to notify customers about promotions.

In other words, your blog is an important part of your sales funnel.

5. It’s marketing that doesn’t seem like marketing.

The last thing most people want is to be sold to. They want to make decisions for themselves. Advertisements in news feeds and pop-ups on websites just aren’t everyone’s thing. Obvious marketing can work but it’s not always the way to go.

Blogging is marketing without really marketing. Don’t take that the wrong way. Blogging is every bit as much work as other forms of marketing. But it doesn’t feel like marketing to your audience if you’re doing it correctly.

Instead, it’s fun. It’s informative. It’s marketing, but in the best way possible for your potential customers.

What are the benefits of a business blog? Here are 7 ways a blog can boost your business starting TODAY!

6. It helps you network.

One of the best benefits of a blog for business – but one of the least talked about – is the networking perks a blog provides. Business owners with a blogging strategy usually guest post on other sites in their industry to offer helpful content and get links back to their site. They share their content on their social networks and business groups.

Your blog gives people something to talk about. And it gives you the chance to bump elbows with other like-minded business owners. For example, you can interview successful leaders in your industry or ask if it’s okay to share excerpts of their content that really resonated with you.

Networking in any form can significantly boost your biz building prowess – and your blog can totally help.

7. It helps you connect with customers.

A blog is one of the best ways you can learn more about your customers and hold conversations with them. They can comment on your posts. You can learn what they love and want to know more about by tracking post shares. You can even ask them specific questions in your posts about what they want to know that you can help them with.

Business owners can even feature some of their biggest fans my writing up quick profiles on their blog or letting them guest post on the blog. Your business blog keeps the conversations flowing and helps you connect to your customers on unique levels that emails and social media can’t quite mirror.

In today’s digital world, the benefits of a blog for business are no longer questionable. Browse your favorite business websites and you’re bound to find a blog there somewhere. Business owners are realizing the positive impact blogs have on their business and, more importantly, their customers.

Are you ready to start a blog for your business? I can help you create engaging and actionable content that grows your biz and boosts sales! Contact me today to learn more about my blog management and writing services.

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