About Me

Hello! I’m Amy.

I am a mom of two incredible kids (I know, we all say that, but I really think it’s true!). I’m also a former preschool teacher and dual-degree holder in English and elementary education.

In my blog management and writing business, I’ve combined my education/parenting background with my love for writing. Now, I write for parenting publications and family-focused business blogs for a living.

My freelance writing went from a side business to a fulfilling business that I treat like my third baby.

I have been blogging for more than half my life, and writing has been a passion of mine for even longer. It prompted me to begin freelance writing for various bloggers, companies, and online publications.

My mission for this website is to bring together two important aspects of my life – parenting and business – and mesh them into one. I’ve managed to balance them in my life, and I enjoy helping other busy moms do the same. Check out my blog for parenting, lifestyle, and career resources.


Founder, writer, editor of AmyBoyington.com
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