About Me

Hello! I’m Amy and I’m glad you’re here.

You probably came here because you are a mom who either has an out-of-the-home job already or currently works from home. Either way, you want to create your own income from home through remote jobs, freelance jobs, or even your own business.

About Me

I am a mom of two incredible kids (I know, we all say that, but I really think it’s true!). I am also a former preschool teacher. Oh, AND I’m the founder of a blog management and writing business. My freelance writing went from a side business of four years to a crazy-fulfilling business that I treat like my third baby.

I have been blogging for more than half my life and writing has been a passion of mine for even longer. It prompted me to begin freelance writing for various bloggers, companies, and online publications. It is so rewarding to create your own path from something you love to do and make money from it within the walls of your home.

My mission is to bring together two important aspects of your life – parenting and career – and mesh them into one. I’ve done it in my own life, and let me tell you, once you find a balance that works for you, you feel unstoppable! This blog has the parenting, family, and business-building resources you need to do it all.


Founder, writer, editor of amyboyington.com