2022 Holiday Gift Ideas for the Whole Family

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Is it just me, or has this year flown by faster than any other? This year has passed so quickly, I’m not sure how we’re here already, but we are, and I’m excited about it. The holiday season is my absolute favorite. Despite all the craziness, my kids and I still make time for one another and all of our favorite holiday traditions.

This year, we’re doing an experience instead of a bunch of gifts, and I can’t wait. It’s something new for the three of us that we haven’t experienced yet, so it’ll be even more special doing it as a family Christmas gift. Still, we have others we need to buy for, and there are a few things in this gift guide that I’ll be gifting to friends, family, teachers, etc. 

Hopefully, you find a few potential gifts on the list, too. Now, onto the 2022 holiday gift guide!

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2022 Holiday gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List

Holiday Gift Ideas for Kids and Teens

These gifts span a variety of ages, so you can find something that suits just about every child (and maybe some kids at heart!) on your holiday gift list.

christmas gifts for kids


  1. A gingerbread house that builds real homes: Making gingerbread houses is a tradition for many families each holiday season, including mine. Usually, we buy kits from the store, but this year, we’re doing something even better with a gingerbread house kit from Lazy Dog. It may look like a regular gingerbread house kit, but it isn’t; this kit donates to charity! For every purchase of a gingerbread house kit, 100% of the net proceeds go to Habitat for Humanity. Kits can be bought in your local Lazy Dog restaurant or online in bundles of four for $30. Buy yours here.

  1. Set of personalized name crayons: A perfect gift for a budding artist, these colorful crayons are melted into the letters of your child’s name.  They’ll look adorable on display in their room, too.
  2. A marble run game: Get older kids thinking and experimenting with this fun marble run game that doubles as an engineering toy and logic game. 
  3. An indoor jungle gym: With chillier weather in full swing, your kiddo can still get plenty of exercise right at home with this adorable wooden playground that you can transform into multiple combinations to suit your child’s play interests.
  4. An unforgettable experience: For the kid who already has everything, try gifting an experience instead. CertifiKID has vouchers for camps, classes, plays, zoo trips, and other fun adventures that any child would love.
  5. Portable tablet charger: Help your child keep their battery-powered devices charged up on road trips or while waiting for appointments with this small, super portable charger. It’s available in two bright colors to prevent misplacements, too.
  6. A book to learn programming or coding: Teach kids coding with an easy-to-follow book like Python for Kids, 2nd Edition. Use code AMYB25 for 25% off the book through December 31st, 2022!
  7. Starry Night indoor fort: This inflatable indoor fort is such a cute idea for a playroom or for occasional setups for family movie nights. 
  8. 25th anniversary Tamagotchi: If you have kids now, you probably had a Tamagotchi when you were a kid or teen. If so, you’ll love gifting the 25th anniversary edition of Tamagotchi (that’s right, it’s back!) to your child. Or, if you think they’ll be into a more modern version, try the Tamagotchi Pix instead.
  9. A KiwiCo subscription: I add this to my annual gift guides because KiwiCo boxes are 100% worthy! There are always new boxes to explore, and I love that I can gift a subscription and buy separate boxes for new adventures each year. Gift a KiwiCo subscription.

kiwico atlas crate

  1. A unique LEGO set: I’m convinced that LEGO is one of the best gifts for any age, which is evident in the range of kits for all ages and experience levels. I love this LEGO Icons Succulents kit that can work as an adorable home decoration after your teen builds it.
  2. Create-your-own video game kit: Made for ages 8+, this kit lets your child experiment with coding to create their own playable video games. So cool!

Holiday Gift Ideas for Parents

Have other parents on your list to buy for? Here are a few things they’ll actually want!

gift ideas for parents

  1. Cold brew coffee starter kit: This coffee-lovers kit has everything a busy parent needs to brew their own delicious cold brew at home, right down to the coffee grinder and organic coffee beans designed for cold brew coffee drinks. Yum!
  2. A reusable notebook: I purchased a Rocketbook a few months ago and I will never look back. This notebook is completely reusable, meaning that you can write on it, scan and upload your notes, and then erase your writing to start over. No more wasted paper or lost notes. I upload everything to my email and Google Drive, so I have my notes handy whenever I need them. Gift a Rocketbook to a parent in your life who could use some organization. I promise they’ll say it’s the best gift they got this year (or maybe ever). 
  3. An online parenting class: Conscious Parenting Mastery is a parenting class that every parent can benefit from, so you won’t feel judgy by gifting it to someone. Dr. Shefali gives practical tips for becoming more present in life so that parents can enjoy parenting more and react to parenting situations more mindfully. I went through the full course myself and highly recommend it to every parent.

dr. shefali conscious parenting

  1. New parent ornament: Send new parents this adorable ornament to commemorate their first Christmas as Mom and Dad. Best of all, it’s made by a small business owner on Etsy (I love supporting small businesses!). 
  2. Cozy Hey Dude house shoes: I might be a little biased with this one because I am obsessed with Hey Dude shoes, but seriously – these things are so comfortable and I’m sure most mamas will feel the same way once they put them on their feet. The Britt style, in particular, is perfect for keeping toes warm and cozy around the house. There are also plenty of options for dads
  3. Family birthstone necklace: This birthstone necklace fits up to 13 birthstones, so it also could be an excellent gift idea for a grandmother.
  4. A calming alarm clock: The Hatch Restore clock is the likely the best solution for sleep-deprived parents who dread the sound of the alarm in the morning. This clock can wake them up gently by simulating the soft light of a sunrise rather than blaring an awful noise repeatedly until they press a button. Plus, it has soothing sounds to fall asleep to.
  5. Caraway food containers: I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews about Caraway’s glass food storage containers, especially from moms who meal prep. In fact, they’re next on my list of things to buy myself once Christmas passes!
  6. Custom family portrait: My kids bought me one of these custom family portraits for my birthday this year, and it’s one of my favorite gifts ever. You can customize what each person looks like and even add your furry kids.
  7. A long-distance lamp: If you’re looking for something sweet to give your own parents, this long-distance lamp pair is it. When you touch one to light it up, the other lights up, too, which can be the perfect way to say “I love you and am thinking about you,” even from a distance.
  8. A much-needed getaway: Send a gift card for Getaway, a service that sets you up with a cozy cabin and everything you need for a comfortable and relaxing stay. The parents on your list will surely appreciate the opportunity to escape, even if just for one night.
  9. A prepaid phone plan: Mint Mobile is a prepaid phone service that can help families ditch high cell phone rates in favor of super-simple and affordable plans. You can pay for 3, 6, or 12 months, saving parents from paying a necessary bill.

Holiday Gift Ideas for Pets and Pet Parents

Whether you want your pet to have a shiny new gift from Santa under the tree or you have some pet parents on your list, these gifts are pawsome ones to consider:

gifts for pets and pet parents

  1. Automatic pet food feeder: I bought this automatic feeder for my cat a couple of months ago after her vet recommended a stricter feeding schedule for her. Since I can’t always be home at the specific times she needs to be fed, I tried a feeder. Let me tell you, this one has been an absolute blessing. It allows up to four feedings per day, and you can set the portion size and time for each one. Purrrrfect for any dog or cat on a schedule!
  2. Cat window bed: If your kitty loves lounging by the windows (what cat doesn’t?), give them a cozy spot to do so. This handmade bed is sure to please even the most finicky cats.
  3. Adjustable, reflective dog coat: Make sure your furry friend stands out on walks with this fully adjustable and reflective coat that boosts her safety and your peace of mind.
  4. Dog toy for tough chewers: It seems like there are so many toys for mild chewers, but it’s tough to come by toys for dogs who chew their way through life. My dog, although a mere 11 pounds, is quite the tough chewer, yet these KONG toys give him a run for his money. They’re available in two sizes and multiple different animals, too.
  5. Custom shiplap leash holder: This custom leash holder is an adorable gift for a pet parent who loves functional pet items that don’t stick out like sore thumbs in their homes. This handmade holder will look great in any mudroom or entranceway.
  6. Cat wall hammock: Gift your cat a comfortable and private spot to lounge by installing this wall hammock in your living space. Choose from various carpet colors and finishes to help it blend in with your decor.
  7. Two-story bunny hutch: I didn’t forget about other types of pets; this bunny hutch is an absolutely adorable way to give your bunnies a safe and playful environment right inside your home. 
  8. Rolling food storage container: Available in three sizes, this rolling container is perfect for holding dog food securely. It’s airtight, making it an ideal alternative to messy food bags.

Holiday Gift Ideas For Teachers

Teachers deserve to be showered with gifts all year, but here are a few things to give them to show your appreciation during the holidays:

gift ideas for teachers

  1. Fall-inspired self-care gift box: If you’ve ever been in a classroom for about five minutes, you know how important self-care is for a teacher’s well-being. This adorable gift set includes all the self-care essentials they’ll love, from macarons and tea to candles and decor. 
  2. Classroom supplies: Head to Target and grab a bunch of on-sale school supplies, like glue sticks, dry erase markers, clipboards, notebook paper, and other essentials that teachers usually buy with their own money. Or, gift this supply box personalized with the teacher’s name and save yourself the shopping trip.
  3. Personalized teacher stamp: Buy one or a few of these affordable stamps with cute phrases on them that teachers can use for student motivation when grading papers. So fun!
  4. Burt’s Bees gift set: This Burt’s Bees gift set has all the best Burt’s Bees goodies, like lotions, lip balm, and hand salve, to make hard-working teachers feel their best. 
  5. Custom fleece jacket: I love the idea of personalized gifts for teachers, but most of them don’t need another custom desk organizer or mug. Instead, gift this personalized, cozy fleece jacket with their name on it.
  6. Pencil keychain: Speaking of personalized gifts, this pencil keychain can also include a custom teacher’s name but is a budget-friendly option if you’re looking for affordable gifts for multiple teachers.
  7. Personalized succulent planter: Give a teacher a cheerful planter to hold their favorite flowers or succulents right on their desk.
  8. Elephant pen and phone stand: This unique elephant stand has space to hold a phone, pens, scissors, and other must-have teacher goodies in a compact space, so it won’t take up a bunch of desk real estate while looking stylish.

Holiday Gift Guide for Everyone Else

Here are a few odds and ends that can make for fun, unique gifts for others on your holiday list.

random christmas gifts for everyone on your list

random and unique christmas gift for anyone

  1. A burger holder: This burger holder is great for people who eat on the road or simply don’t want to get their burger mess all over them as they eat.
  2. Whole-home security: If you have a decent budget for a family on your list, consider gifting a Ring security system with alarms, cameras, and everything they need to keep their home and loved ones safe. 
  3. A support for neck pain: Life is a pain…in the neck! Fortunately, this supportive device may help to relieve neck pain by cradling the head and neck and encouraging appropriate spinal alignment. This is an ideal gift idea for office desk workers.
  4. Harry Potter PopSocket: Give your favorite Harry Potter fan this PopSocket for their phone. It has a spinning sorting hat that will tell them which Harry Potter house they belong in!
  5. Bubble tea kit: Know anyone who loves heading to their local shop for bubble tea? Help them save some money with this bubble tea kit they can use in their own kitchen.
  6. An indoor herb garden: This indoor herb garden kit has all the essentials to start growing herbs in the home without taking up a bunch of space.
  7. iPad case with keyboard: I bought this iPad keyboard case for my son this year to transform his iPad into a mini-computer. I love that it rotates into several positions, allowing him to type when he needs to and prop up his iPad when he wants to use it hands-free.
  8. Hidden pocket scrunchies: Fitness enthusiasts will love these scrunchies, which have hidden pockets for stashing keys, money, and other small items. No more trying to carry them around in tiny leggings pockets.

2022 Holiday Gift Guide

What items are you drooling over from this holiday gift guide? Leave me a comment down below and let me know. Also, tell me what the #1 coolest gift you ever got for the holidays was!

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